We are helping streamers to earn, and for others to work with them

We have built an ecosystem of products for all kinds of streamers, from amateurs to professionals. From know-how to discoverability, through monetisation to team management. Our goal is to be the go-to platform for streamers to grow in their passion.

Our work and culture

Fully remote and flexible

We want you to be able to fit working with us into your life, not the other way round. There are some core meetings we would like you to join. But for anything else: we value results, not hours spent.

Transparency and feedback

We believe that every person, if given the chance, has the ability to greatly contribute to much more than just their main area of interest. Every task in the company (apart from sensitive HR ones 😉 ) is open for feedback or ideas and visible to everyone.

Bias for action

Do first, ask for feedback later. We move fast. Heck, we shipped in 6 weeks from green light to first users.

Well rested people have the best ideas

Paid time off is not a “perk” or “benefit”, it’s a must. “Hustle porn” does not arouse us. We want you to enjoy life. Ofc, sometimes to deliver we have to work more. But then, you are free to take time off to balance it. We want you to work smarter, not harder.

Directly responsible individuals rule

Every task and project has a DRI that is responsible for making it happen and makes the decisions (or chooses who should make them). We hire amazing people and trust you can do your work the best.

Always learning and experimenting

Doing a startup means you are the first one to do the thing. We are by no means perfect. You only can learn from your own mistakes. We embrace them, learn quickly and iterate. The worst thing is to stay in the safe bay of mediocrity.

Excited and ambitious

We work in an amazing field at an amazing time and we want to cherish that. We always assume positive intent in people.