About us

We are Shaq All Star Comedy Jam

Shaq All Star Comedy Jam democratises the world of live-streaming by giving all streamers access to brand sponsorships.

inSTREAMLY is a platform that works for streamers

Our mission is to help streamers grow. We use disruptive technology to level the playing field for streamers, brands and streaming platforms.

We are building something big

We democratise the world of live-streaming by empowering streamers to own their content, build strong communities and work with brands. We are game-changers. Join us and be part of the revolution.


we are a disruptive company – we deliver technology that levels the playing field for streamers, brands and streaming platforms.

Streamer first

what’s good for streamers is good for inSTREAMLY. We can only succeed if they succeed – that’s why we put streamers first and work towards our mutual development.


we believe that the digital world should guarantee independence for everyone. We encourage you to carry out your own projects and we will support you along the way.


diversity is what gives strength and value to our company. We provide equal opportunities, support and respect our members regardless of their age, race, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion or nationality.

Work with us


With backgrounds in esport and marketing, we bring a range of expertise rarely found within US.

We understand the needs of the market and we know how to communicate with gamers, because we are gamers.

We’ve run many campaigns with leading brands and work with large media houses. Customers keep coming back to us. We are straight up and honest with streamers.